Luxury Malibu

Luxury Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to many luxury neighborhoods. Places like Malibu and Bel-Air have earned their reputation as great luxury neighborhoods in Los Angeles for their very scenic and expensive real estate. Whether you are visiting town, looking to move here or just wondering, these are the best luxury neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

El Porto

If you always dreamt of living beachside, El Porto in Manhattan Beach is the perfect destination for a more quaint atmosphere. El Porto has a beautiful beach and many great dining and shopping options.

Pacific Palisades

Located north of Manhattan Beach, the Pacific Palisades is a highly regarded luxury neighborhood for being family friendly and having great nature views.


Known for scenic views of mountains and beaches, Malibu is one of the favorites when it comes to luxury beachside homes.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica’s location makes it one of the best luxury neighborhoods to live in when you want a little bit of everything. It is close to the beach and central to everything Los Angeles has to offer. Also, north of Montana street are the most expensive homes priced at at around $3.1 million.

Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills is a luxury neighborhood for those who love the ranch-style life. It is a gated community with lavish homes and a quieter atmosphere away from all the Los Angeles’ chaos.


Bel-Air is a luxury neighborhood where many celebrities live because it’s located in the hills, a short distance from the city. Bel-Air is home to some of the most beautiful mansions you will ever see.

Hill Section in Manhattan Beach

A rising luxury neighborhood in Manhattan Beach is the Hill Section. There is a great nightlife and it has some of the best views of the ocean.

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